Value-Top is a Bangladeshi PC and PC peripherals brand, dedicated to improving user experience for local consumers by providing high quality, stylish and trendy products, at an affordable price. Our product range includes Computer Chassis, Monitors, PC Power Supply Units, Keyboards, Mice, CPU Fans and other accessories. Aside from SOHO and business clientele, Value-Top also caters particularly to the gamer community, bringing in gaming computer chassis, high wattage PSUs, Liquid Cooling Systems, RGB fans and other gaming-related items. The Value-Top brand provides strong integrated marketing strategies and ongoing support for retailing partners, garnering a reputation of quality and diversity.

Build your ideal Computer with Value-Top

Value-Top was envisioned to establish a brand that caters to the specific needs of the consumers in Bangladesh. Value-Top reflects the desires and the craving of the users, who want the best possible PC accessories and components to build their workstation or gaming rig.

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We believe in freedom choice and we believe in diversity. We understand that one size does not fit all and hence we set out to make sure our customers have endless choice of models for products. We have the largest number of computer chassis in production, no other brand can offer this much variety, and we are constantly bringing out new models.

Our Strategy

Our strength is our simplicity. We simply believe that the best way to acquire and retain customers is to be honest to them, be attentive to their needs and find ways to get mutually benefitted from a transaction.

Our People

We are a bunch of young and enthusiastic explorers, out on a journey to turn on your true vibe. We listen to you; we cater to your wishes and demands.

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Product Range

Current product line of Value-Top includes Computer Chassis, Monitor, Power Supply Units, Keyboards, Mice, RGB Liquid Cooling Systems and RGB Fans. We will add more products as and when our customers require.